Tips and Advice

Here you will find some helpful tips and and advice that may be be useful for you when designing your signs and caring for you signs once they are completed.

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Here at Broadley Signs we take our signage very seriously and so should you. Your company's image and reputation can be solely based upon your promotional products and your signage, be it shop front, exhibitional or otherwise temporary signage.

When deciding colours, layouts and materials for you sign there are a few things you should take into consideration to maximise the effectiveness of your signage. We have listed a few tips below to help you on your way.

Colours and what they can do for you...

RED - Physical imaging. For sports or exercise clubs, dining or dancing services, political clubs and organisations or real estate businesses.

PINK - Feminine or loving images. For fashion, cosmetics, rescuing services, church clubs and infant services or products.

MAROON - Gratification of the senses. For the entertainment industry, videos, cars, furnishings, art services, gambling and beverages.

ORANGES - High energy images. For architecture, building tools and services and speedy services or products.

PEACH - Charitable imaging. For services/products for children, school products, welfare organisations or charities.

YELLOW - Communication. For Yellow Pages, all services or productions of the communication and entertainment industries, especially sales.

GREEN - Health, plant and vegetable imaging. For health food stores, homey restaurants, floral products or services and personal hygiene.

LIGHT BLUE - Creative images. For the design or art industry, creative products or problem solving services and computer products or servicing.

DARK BLUE - Executive imaging. For business, education, executive products and imaging, financial services, businesses pertaining to large investments requiring trust - for example, car sales.

MAUVE - Spiritual or intuitive imaging. Training or services for emotional support and sensitive imaging to the needs.

BROWN - Support products and services. For businesses offering security, basic needs, coffee or chocolate goods, earthy or natural products.

GREY - Passive or earth support images. For home repair services or products and stone and earth products but not to image any service relating to human resources.

BLACK - Authority imaging. For security and protection services, sedate and aloof imaging, or as a symbol of taste and luxury when combined with gold, silver and some shades of grey of "suave white".

WHITE - Individualistic and sanitary images. For products rather than services as white gives an image of aloofness.

GOLD - Images of wealth and security. For brokers, bankers, merchants and high quality services and personal development services.

Type of Sign and Materials

When deciding what to make your sign out of, you will need to consider a few things, such as, is the signage temporary or permanent? Will it be indoors or outdoors? Does it need to be light weight or does it need to be weighed down?